JS function detect which div is being clicked

Useful when debuging on mobile where you can’t open tag inspector. jQuery( document ).ready(function() { jQuery(“div”).click(function() { var myClass = jQuery(this).attr(“class”); alert(myClass); }); });   Illustration by tamypu

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Online Tools for Web Developers

CSS Tools Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator Box Shadow CSS3 Generator Free online tool to unminify JavaScript, CSS and HTML code Webfont Generator HTML UTF-8 Miscellaneous Symbols HTML Formatter Favicon Generator Page Speed webpagetest.org tools.pingdom.com gtmetrix.com Google Mobile-Friendly Test Image author: Nguyenshishi

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One of the largest and the most complicated project that I’ve done this year. My job was to convert current site of real estate company into WordPress theme. Site included the list of more than 400 properties with quite complex filtering form. Each property has a lot of details. For those details I was using… Continue reading MLRH

Over Deze

Overe Deze blog is very clean and quite simple site for young Belgian writer Michaël Verest. Very simple site structure has propose to focus visitor attention on Michaël’s stories. Blog page contains thumbnails for posts with custom hover effect. Also there is “lazy load” which is activated when user scrolls. And to minimize visitor’s number… Continue reading Over Deze


Another project for Overdrive Design agency. We have interesting structure of contact forms and hover effect on service’s thumbnails. Services pages are displayed according to menu and which menu would be displayed is picked from custom field at home page. Also for this site is used Envira Gallery Pro with so much great options.


Or siouxlookoutconstructionassociation.com is new project for Ovredrive team that prepared fresh design and hired me to develop a WordPress theme that matches the new requirements. Beside standard elements such as slider and contact form, my job was to implement events plugin. Every aspect of the website is optimized for mobile display, including the menu, slider… Continue reading SLCA


This is promotional site for Canadian festival. Overdrive Design provided me this beautiful retro design which made this simple site quite interesting. Every aspect of the website is optimized for mobile display, including the menu, slider and forms.