Social engineering content detected- Site phishing

Few days ago I received email from Google Search Console Team with title “Social engineering content detected”. On one of the sites that I was working some small fixes, was detected site phishing. Someone used site’s domain and added link to phishing page with plenty download’s links. URL looked like this: http://www.sitename[.]com/~smarketi/apple/app/account/id45554485_54/key_hgyggggfft5485fe/ As security was… Continue reading Social engineering content detected- Site phishing

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Display content based on WordPress navigation menu

For one page WordPress theme I needed to display content based on defined menu. So I had menu location named top_menu and my job was to find what pages are inside and to display their content. First I needed to use function that would bring me back name of menu assigned to that location.

Grace Anne II

Site owner needed a clean, modern website that clearly communicated their services. Overdrive Design came to me with new design and some interesting ideas for page elements. First we have full screen image where instead image we can use video file. As you scroll down navigation becomes sticky and logo with contact info are visible.… Continue reading Grace Anne II


This is WordPress theme based on impress.js. There we have home page with dynamic page loading, like PowerPoint slideshow. A lot of options for page loading on home but also there are static pages. This plugin has special content scaling for different screen sizes.

Krecha Film Project

Krecha is great Illustrator from Poland and her illustration Cinematography was my inspiration to create Flash site where I would display list of my favorite movies.

Simple y nutritivo

Ana Garza, long-term health blogger from Mexico wanted to refresh her old site and she knew exactly what she wanted. When we picked up theme (Mag), that would cover visual part of site  identity, we started to work on site functionality. First change that I made on child theme was replacing color hover effect  for thumbnails with… Continue reading Simple y nutritivo

Sportfishing Centre

Ovredrive team prepared new design for Sportfishing site and hired me to develop a WordPress theme that matches the new requirments. Beside standard elements such as slider, contact form, lightbox gallery my job was to implement events plugin and gravity forms for programs forms. Every aspect of the website is optimized for mobile display, including… Continue reading Sportfishing Centre

Stay in Kenora

Another project for Overdrive Design agency. This site is catalogue for Kenora turistic organisation. For each category we have filterable lists and for each location list of packages offered for them. All location pages have a single image of property and Google map. The clean design works equally well on desktop, tablet and mobile screens.