Hi, my name is Valeka

I’m an Serbian artist. My interest has always been in portraiture and it’s reflected on my body of work.

I work primarily in graphite, charcoal, oil and pastels but I love experimenting and mixing different techniques and materials.

I’m working with varius models and I’m trying to focus on authentic narratives, textures and expressions.

I use Instagram and TikTok to share my works, sketches and behind the scenes and also recently created a YouTube channel to share my art process, tutorials and thoughts related to art.

Valeka Art on Youtube

My Journey as an Artist
The Secrets Behind  my Artworks

Commissioned Portraiture

Beautiful and unique portrait of yourself or your loved ones

Bringing Your Vision To Life

Valeka allows you to choose the style, size and price of your portrait

Delivered to your door

Once the artwork is approved, it will be ship out using your shipper of choice